It's a new year and time once again to give a new look to this blog. New graphics and colors. Same bike writer!

This blog is created not only to track my own progress on my biking journey but it is intended to also assist others who have either osteo or rheumatoid arthritis or both like I do. I hope as you read about the progress I have made that it gives you inspiration and hope that you can overcome the dibilitating effects of these conditions.

If your doctor agrees that you should be capable of expanding your limits read on and don't be afraid, just listen to your body and give it challenges. Biking is a great non-impact form of exercise and greatly enhances flexibility and range of motion.

It's not a substitute for Doctor visits, taking your meds or otherwise getting off your health plan but it auguments what your Doctor does for you and can give you a better quality of life. Go for it!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day Seventeen

8-9-10 Shoulder pain and range of motion is very bad, difficult to comb my hair, dress or other normal day to day activities. Called the RA Doc and I'm going in for a steroid shot tomorrow to overcome the lack of Humira for over 7 weeks. That should get me by until I am certain that this pneumonia infection is cleared up and I can start back on my Humira.

4 mile ride tonight, slow and steady and afterwards I had to ice not only my knee but also both shoulders just to be able to lift a drink of water up to my lips.

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